Book Review: Seasons Of Fidelity (Season One) by Takerra Allen

I had to think long and hard about what I want to say about this introduction of ooey gooeyness.

Ray, Regina, Justice and Dice have been friends since high school, back when young love was innocent and kids were still some of the cruelest people on the earth. Brotherhood and frustration took Raymond away from his pregnant girlfriend and closest friends. He comes home and the sparks immediately fly between the two, much to the dismay of their significant others. Co-parenting comes natural, but what about everything else?

Justice has suffered a tragic loss, which leaves him living life as a single father. Meeting Yael was the best thing to happen to him in a long time …until it wasn’t. For him, it’s a struggle to save someone, who isn’t ready to be saved.

Last but not least, Derrick aka Dice aka Mr. Demon Dick is the man to see. He is caked up and doesn’t mind sharing it with those that he cares about, but the question is Does any woman truly have his heart, especially when she doesn’t do things the Dice way? Aleeya may be young, but she is breaking down his wall, brick by brick. Thing is…he doesn’t even know it. I bet his girlfriend, Mimi does tho! Chile…

This season is packed full of relatable issues, characters and drama. I stopped reading at about page 3, and started watching it play across the pages. As each song was mentioned, Alexa was asked to cue it up, because I needed to be in the moment, right along with them. Author @bytakerraallen delivered another 💎💎💎💎💎read to her readers. Please go get this book!

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*Book of the Day*

Today’s book is a movie that plays across the pages by @bytakerraallen.

No one belongs to anyone.

We claim rights second; belonging to God first.

We are born and die as individuals, and we live as such, while keeping the feelings of those we love in mind.

Often, we keep them in mind…even more than our own.

Old love. New lust. Treasured friendships. Temptation. Escapes from dulled reality. Inevitable destruction.

An anticipated reunion brings six preoccupied souls together and stirs the pot brewing with it all.

Ray, Dice, and Justice have come to age, forming an impermeable bond that has stood the storms of time and hardship.

When the trio unites after substantial time has passed, they find all rough waters aren’t left behind for the brotherhood.

Regina’s life turned out better than what was foreseen for a teenaged, single-mother.

Yet when her past is forced into her present, so are the steamy and sentimental memories.

Aleeya’s chasing dreams and thrills, and there isn’t much that can seize the free-spirit;

besides an older, already-claimed man who invites her into his dark, enchanting world.

And there’s Yael – the broken masterpiece – held together by the glue of financial stability, family structure and the American dream.

But when she meets someone who sees her well enough to spot the cracks, will she allow herself to be marveled at his mercy?

Fall into a world of tests on the morals of love and commitment.

What makes a person dishonest? Who governs the limits of loyalty?

Are we faithful or unfaithful people or do we have faithful and unfaithful moments?

Are there exceptions to the rules; cycles in a relationship that allow for forgivable circumstances?

Are there Seasons of Fidelity?

Disclaimer: This is Season One of a series. Part one ends with suspense and anticipation.

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Book Review: My Brother, Father…and Me by Shelia E Bell

The McCoys and Grahams of Holy Rock are back with more characters, more problems and even more drama.

Pastor Khalil McCoy is settling into his role as the new Senior Pastor of Holy Rock. With the help of his mother, brother and new staff members, the church, as well as his ministry, are thriving. The only thing missing is a First Lady by his side, and that may be closer than he thinks.

If only he could only let go of the need to seek revenge on his father.

Xavier McCoy is thriving in his new leadership responsibilities at Holy Rock, as well. Much to the dismay of his family, his relationship is blossoming, too. Until, a breath of fresh air comes along and makes him question it all. This part is getting interesting.

Fancy McCoy is adjusting to life without Hezekiah, but he is far from thru with her. Out of everyone, I feel the sorriest for her, because she has literally put her life on hold for a hardened criminal, with an even colder heart. Just when it looks like she’s finding her happy place…

Run, Fancy…RUN!

Pastor Stiles Graham has to be the most unluckiest man when it comes to the affairs of the heart. But this last act, may be God’s way of calling him back home. After all, the good Pastor could really use his support with his illness.

I am so caught up in these memorable characters, but I cringe whenever I see George’s name. He’s like the fly that won’t stop buzzing in your ear. Please let him get what’s coming to him soon. As for that Mr. Washington, I hope he goes to play in traffic, because I can’t stand him either.

Another 💎💎💎💎💎 book by @sheliaebell that I highly recommend.

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*Book of the Day*

Today’s book is the eighth installment of the My Son’s Wife series by @sheliaebell.

The saga of the McCoys and Grahams of Holy Rock continues. Stiles must decide if he will return to the pulpit he once graced. Pastor yearns to have a relationship with Hezekiah, while Khalil and Xavier have a personal vendetta against their father and will do just about anything to destroy his ministry…and his life. Hezekiah finds it impossible to unite with the man he discovered is his father and the brother he refuses to accept. Who will be left standing?

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Book Review: Drinks With Umbrellas by Tuesday Harper

Olivia spontaneously purchased a plane ticket for a week-long getaway, for some needed rest and relaxation. What she didn’t expect was to meet and fall in lust with Michelle.

This 💎💎💎💎💎short story was hot, steamy and good. My introduction to @tuesdaywrites solidified my return. I definitely recommend this one.

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*Book of the Day*

Today’s book is my introduction to @tuesdaywrites.

Too much wine while watching Beach House Bargain inspires Olivia to book an impromptu vacation at a beachside resort. Overworked and stressed out, she’s definitely in need of some rest and relaxation. She hopes her island getaway will give her time to have fun in the sun, drink as many cocktails with the little umbrellas as she can handle, and finally take some time to figure out what she wants out of life.

The last thing she expects is to run into someone like Michelle, a smart and sexy woman who loves adventures. Olivia isn’t looking for love or even a fling, but likes the idea of having her own personal tour guide on the island. And spending time with Michelle makes her trip of a lifetime even more unforgettable.

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Book Review: Dem McCoy Boys by Shelia E Bell

The McCoys of Holy Rock are back with even more drama!

Hezekiah McCoy is slowly recovering from his stroke, which is leaving him bitter and angry. He is determined to seek revenge on his wife, Fancy and sons, Khalil and Xavier. What’s worse is that even more secrets are revealed about this MOG.

Fancy McCoy is a mess in this book. It seems as if she’s finally realizing how vindictive her husband really is. Thank God, she has her sons and…her brother in law, Stiles.

Khalil and Xavier are both adapting to their new roles in Holy Rock, each with their own agenda. In their personal lives, they are trying to be there for their mother, establish a relationship with their uncle, all while battling demons of their own.

It seems as if this series by @sheliaebell is only getting better and better. My plan was to read one, maybe two books, but I accidentally fell down the rabbit hole, and I don’t plan on crawling out anytime soon. This 💎💎💎💎💎 book/series would make an amazing TV series.

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*Book of the Day*

Today’s book is the seventh installment of the My Son’s Wife series by @sheliaebell.

Dem McCoy boys are rocking Holy Rock! The young handsome, charming, debonair Khalil McCoy is the new senior pastor and his fresh out of the closet brother, Xavier, is Financial Administrator and Youth Director. The McCoy brothers have no limits or filters and set a new record for stirring up drama. Find out what’s really next for the McCoys, for Holy Rock, but especially for Dem McCoy Boys!

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*Book of the Day*

Today’s book is an erotic short by @skorpionlady77.

Is the exchange of pleasure and passion between two (and sometimes more) consenting adults wrong? Does race still matter? Does gender? In a new day and age are these elements STILL taboo? In the bedroom, or even the office, how much is too much? How many are too many? Jackie, Mary, and Mia will share their moments of pleasure and submission in A Blissful Glimpse.

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*Stamp Approved*

The following books have received the “Stamp of Approval” by Diamond’s Literary World:

1. For The Love of You by @candace_shaw

2. Loving Africa by @joan.vassar

3. Islands Apart by @marciakinggamble

4. Eat My Wife by Rachel Jordan

5. The McCoys of Holy Rock by @sheliaebell

Don’t forget to leave a review when you’re done.

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