My Friend Janet by KeKe Palmer with Jasmine Guillory

This short story is showing Janet’s transformation from One that is scared of her own shadow, to one of confidence. There’s something about that wig, and I’m determined to find out what it is.

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*Book of the Day*

Today’s book is the last of the My Son’s Wife series by @sheliaebell.

When the chips fall and the game is over…

When Senior Pastor Hezekiah McCoy is framed and sent to prison, he sees his new wife, First Lady Rianna McCoy, for who she truthfully is—a scheming, hustling, lying, con artist. A bright stream of fresh light penetrates the darkness when Hezekiah’s case is turned over to a hot shot lawyer from New York.

Rianna is living the luxurious lifestyle laced with power — something she’s dreamed of since she was a foster child. The only thing missing is gaining full power of New Holy Rock. She may think she has met her match but she doesn’t want to resurrect the old Hezekiah McCoy. Rianna is playing checkers while Hezekiah is playing chess!

Of course, nothing is ever the way it seems in this family…

Khalil trying to remain faithful, Xavier fighting his fleshly desires, Fancy in denial of her feelings for Hezekiah, and Hezekiah battling for his freedom. All are struggling and seeking redemption. Will this family be successful or will the demons they battle tear apart any chances they have of redeeming themselves?

Redeeming Holy Rock is book 12 in the family drama series, “My Son’s Wife” by national bestselling author, Shelia E. Bell.


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*Stamp Approved*

The following books have received the “Stamp of Approval” by Diamond’s Literary World:

1. Kindred by Octavia E Butler

2. French Kiss Christmas by @robbireneewrites

3. A Hood Holiday by Brick & Storm

4. Better, Not Bitter: Living On PurposeIn The Pursuit Of Racial Justice by Yusef Salaam

5. My Dear Friend Janet: Southern Belle Insults by @keke and @jasminepics

Each of these books, can be purchased at:


Don’t forget to leave a review when you’re done.

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Book Review: Better Not Bitterby Yusef Salaam

This inspirational, yet emotional rollercoaster ride is the story of Yusef Salaam, one fifth of the Exonerated Five, formerly known as the Central Park Five. They were wrongfully accused of raping a Central Park jogger and sent to adult prison, as teenagers. He takes the readers on a journey that began with a spiritual foundation. It was that string foundation that sustained him during his imprisonment, being released and trying to acclimate back into society. He talks about being imprisoned at 16 and released at 23…still with the mind of a 16 year old. I learned about the effects of his conviction on his family, his personal relationships and later, reaching out and becoming a motivational speaker to young men who may endured some of the same.

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*Book of the Day*

Today’s book is the first short story in an Amazon Original series by @keke and @jasminepics

Poor Janet and her fifty shades of beige. At least her inner voice, the sensational Lady Miss Jacqueline, is coming out in an outrageously funny short story about magic, courage, and—oh honey—the wigs!

Janet Williams is practically invisible. If only she had the pluck to speak up at work, flirt with the handsome barista she sees every day, and realize how special she is. When a magical wig offers Janet a chance to shake things up, will she dare to try a bold new style? The voice in her head—flashy and fierce, with an unbridled southern drawl—tells her to go for it. And once she does, there’s no turning back.

My Dear Friend Janet by Keke Palmer with Jasmine Guillory is part of Southern Belle Insults, a fiercely funny series of short stories set in the fully realized world of Keke’s viral phenomenon. Take Lady Miss Jacqueline’s advice: read or listen to them at once, without stopping, the whole way through. You’re welcome.


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*Book of the Day*

Today’s book is a very inspirational, emotional rollercoaster.

This inspirational memoir serves as a call to action from prison reform activist Yusef Salaam, of the Exonerated Five, that will inspire us all to turn our stories into tools for change in the pursuit of racial justice.

They didn’t know who they had.

So begins Yusef Salaam, telling his whole story for the first time: of resilience in the face of one of the gravest miscarriages of justice. Despite having confronted the racist heart of America, Yusef channeled his energy and pain into self-determination and positivity. During his seven years of wrongful incarceration as one of the Central Park Five, Yusef gained a spiritual perspective on life, realizing that we are all “born on purpose, with a purpose.”

Better, Not Bitter is the inspirational story of a young man growing up in central Harlem in the ’80s, the failure of America’s criminal justice system, of being vilified by a nation. But during his years of incarceration, Yusef discovered the power of art and faith, and of holding on to the person you know you are, which gave him the strength to survive, and helped him through reentry and exoneration.

Yusef’s journey inspires us to accept our own path, to discover our own sense of purpose. His intimate insights help unpack the racist design of systems built for profit and oppression of Black and Brown people. This motivational memoir urges us to channel fury into action, and to turn anger and trauma into a constructive force to enact change in one’s own life and for a better future.


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Book Review: A Hood Holiday by Brick & Storm

Sida and Baskets are two young people, who are in an on again/off again relationship. It’s Christmas time in the hood, and Sida needs a few last minute items from the store, for their community Christmas dinner. On the way home, they are met by trouble and the outcome is somewhat interesting.

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Book Review: French Kiss Christmas by Robbi Renee

Nia and Garrett were instantly attracted to one another. Things are going well and Garrett planned a trip to Paris, in order to create new memories with Nia. For 10 years, this has been a difficult time for Nia…until now.

This cute little holiday romance is one that I highly recommend. I’m looking forward to reading more from @robbireneewrites.

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Book Review: Kindred by Octavia E Butler

It’s 1976 and Dana, along with her husband Kevin are moving into their new home, when she is suddenly transported back into 1861…to a plantation owned by her ancestors. During one of her travels, the purpose for her travels is revealed. She must protect Rufus, in order to secure her lineage. Before the third visit, Kevin decided that he is going with her, only to pretend to be her master or owner. Once transformed back into the current day, we are shown the aftereffects on them both.

My favorite character was Dana, because she showed a lot of strength and restraint. She utilized her time on the plantation to uplift her people, who clearly needed her. My least favorite character is definitely Rufus. He was both selfish and cruel, as the years went on. I was very satisfied with his fate.

The series of events that take place in this book, touched on an array of emotions, from shock to anger, and from disgust to humility. Every time I read about days of slavery, I’m angered by the audacity of a fellow human being, yet humbled by all that our ancestors went through in order for us to be here.

This was my first read by Octavia E Butler, and also my first that involved time traveling. I look forward to reading more. Now, I can go watch the series on HULU.

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