Book Review: Murder Mamas by the Mind of Ashley & JaQuavis

We were first introduced to The Murder Mamas in the Cartel series. In this book, the main character Aries is hiding out in plain sight on the island of Barbados, as Rachel, a housewife and mother. When the past comes knocking on her door, she is forced to return to her old life. Once there, she finds herself caught between a live triangle.

Macy and Case were best friends growing up, but somehow ended up on the opposite hides of the law. Unbeknownst to one, the green-eyed monster has reared its ugly head, and karma is about to pay a visit.

There were plenty of secrets that were revealed in this book, and in true A &J fashion, there somebody has to die!

The character development is on point, the storyline is very engaging and that plot twist…pure genius. This is one book that I don’t mind revisiting over and over again. Another stellar job!

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