*Book of the Day*

Today’s book is another page turner by one of my favorite male authors @authorbwsmith.

Award-winning, bestselling author, Brian W. Smith, is at the top of his writing game, and it shows in MISSING—the story about a missing child and the abusive father trying to find him.

Carmen Sanders has her boyfriend, Benny Taylor, arrested for domestic abuse. Benny’s rap sheet earns him a four year prison sentence. Carmen, who is three month’s pregnant when Benny is sentenced, sees his incarceration as her chance to escape. So, without warning, she packs up her things and her six month old son, Lil Benny, and leaves town—no forwarding address or phone number.

When Benny finishes his prison sentence and returns home to see the son he’s never met, Carmen is nowhere to be found. In fact, she’s started a new life and is about to get married—to a police officer.

Benny is determined to find Carmen and his child, and when he does, all hell breaks loose. Hell hath no fury, like a daddy scorned.


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