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She escaped the life she had, to find the life she needed…

How much of our fate is circumstance?

Noor’s life path has always been potholed with obstacles.

But she was a survivor, an adapter…a proud wanderer.

Still, the deep yearning for more kept her motivated to conquer every hindrance, because there had to be more waiting – somewhere.

Hitchhiking her way to a new coast, she lands at the feet of money, prestige, and a soul-touching love, all at the doing of a chance job opportunity.

But it doesn’t mean all even terrain, and her past has a problem letting go.

Still, Noor is convinced destiny has brought her to the life she deserves.

She won’t allow the girl she was stop her from becoming the woman she needs to be.

Rules don’t apply, and she’s tired of letting life happen to her.

She’s determined to finally get everything she’s ever wanted.

Everything she’s ever needed.


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