Book Review: Butterfly 4 by Ashley Antoinette

Butterfly 4 by Ashley Antoinette

The crew is back!

Ethic and Alani are awaiting the birth of their baby, but will he be there for the birth or still locked up behind bars?

Now that Messiah has found out about the twins, he is struggling to establish a relationship with them and forgive their mother. Speaking of Morgan, she has messed up and messed up bad, and everyone that she loves is directly affected. Bash has isolated her away from her friends and family, for his selfish reasons, but for how long?

Hendrix is facing time in jail, and Bella is losing her mind with worry. What happened to all of the promises that they made to one another? I felt so bad for poor Bella and even worse for Henny, because he just wanted to be able to give Bella the things that she deserves.

Poor Ahmeek has to sit back and watch Messiah try to reclaim the family that he left behind. The same family that Meek was establishing as his own. He decided to change his focus in order to settle an old debt.

This book took me on another roller coaster ride of emotions. Without saying, Bash and his stuck up mother pissed me off to the highest degree. Compared to the aggressive personalities of the other men, Bash was weak and twisted. The scream at the boxing ring made me shout for joy, tho! Last but not least, my favorite character will forever be Eazy. The perfect name for the perfect child.

I highly recommend this book and series by NYT bestselling author @ashleyantoinette.

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