*Book of the Day*

Today’s book is your invite to a baby shower, written by New York Times bestseller @ashleyantoinette.

A new baby is on the way for Ethic and Alani, but the stress of her high-risk pregnancy is weighing on the couple heavily. When the routine of their love changes, Alani’s hormones send them on an emotional roller coaster filled with suspicion and miscommunication. With challenges from the children they have already on the horizon and Ethic’s involvement with Nyair’s city council run, things in the Okafor household are in disarray. Glimpse into the everyday life of Ashley Antoinette’s favorite literary family while you wait on the highly anticipated sequel to her hit novel Butterfly. 

They’re inviting Ash Army to their baby shower, but expect some bumps along the way. Be sure to RSVP by one-clicking your copy today. 

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