*Book of the Day*

Today’s book is the beginning of a brand new series by @authordesiree.

Pandora Harris grew up in an inclusive community just outside of Atlanta, Ga called The Black Women Separatists. They do not believe in men, sons, or any other race aside from their own. Pandora has never felt the need to question anything, not even the woman who raised her until her best friend in the community goes suspiciously missing around her 30th birthday. Pandora is bravely ready to risk it all when she decides to break out of the community in search of her best friend, but ends up with more than she can handle. Khalin Jones is a no nonsense detective in Atlanta who was placed on leave after being on the task force that deals with one of the most dangerous cults in the south. Black Women Separatists. His traumatic connection with the cult is a direct result of his mother giving him away just because he was born Male. 30 years later, he gets a call from a woman who is in search of her daughter who she believes is alive and wants his help in finding her. The Perfect Sister who has never laid eyes on a man, and a irate Male who struggles to trust women enough to let his guard down. The craziest twists and turns happen when these two cross paths in Atlanta on a Friday night that leads them to realizing they’re connected in more ways than not.

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