Book Review: Seasons Of Fidelity (Season One) by Takerra Allen

I had to think long and hard about what I want to say about this introduction of ooey gooeyness.

Ray, Regina, Justice and Dice have been friends since high school, back when young love was innocent and kids were still some of the cruelest people on the earth. Brotherhood and frustration took Raymond away from his pregnant girlfriend and closest friends. He comes home and the sparks immediately fly between the two, much to the dismay of their significant others. Co-parenting comes natural, but what about everything else?

Justice has suffered a tragic loss, which leaves him living life as a single father. Meeting Yael was the best thing to happen to him in a long time …until it wasn’t. For him, it’s a struggle to save someone, who isn’t ready to be saved.

Last but not least, Derrick aka Dice aka Mr. Demon Dick is the man to see. He is caked up and doesn’t mind sharing it with those that he cares about, but the question is Does any woman truly have his heart, especially when she doesn’t do things the Dice way? Aleeya may be young, but she is breaking down his wall, brick by brick. Thing is…he doesn’t even know it. I bet his girlfriend, Mimi does tho! Chile…

This season is packed full of relatable issues, characters and drama. I stopped reading at about page 3, and started watching it play across the pages. As each song was mentioned, Alexa was asked to cue it up, because I needed to be in the moment, right along with them. Author @bytakerraallen delivered another 💎💎💎💎💎read to her readers. Please go get this book!

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